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» How to make a Gif using KMPlayer and Photoshop


Requested by akumanoanime

This tutorial will explain how I normally go about making my Gifs. I use cs4 extended but you can pretty much do all of this on any version of ps as long as it is extended or Photoshop CC(for the optional part).

This is what my finished product will look like:


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Here the reason why I’m really liking this series! :3

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Shingeki no Kyojin :: Assassins AU


Art By - toi8

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Art By - Mr Mask

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Asi o mas obvio- Saint Seiya Omega by ~Shadow7Zerudahime

Saori: Say hi to your daddy, Kouga. Say hi to daddy!

Seiya: …Saori…you’re taking the mistery out of it.

Sooo…remember when I drew a pic making fun of how flagrantly obvious the fact that Kouga was Saori and Seiya’s kid was? Good times.

Cute and funny! >_<

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Marika Tachibana - Episode 14

Tsubomi Kido | Ayano Tateyama | Mary Kozakura | Kuroha | Kousuke Seto | Shintaro Kisaragi | Photographer

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"Stay Calm"

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i’m happy i was able to meet you, kazuto. to live with you. it’s the happiest i’ve ever been in my life… thank you. i love you.